High School

High School

graduationRHI serves 99 high school students through our Youth Leader program, the second stage of our pipeline. This four-year program provides a rare opportunity for participants to receive paid, year-round training and work experience.

After a four-month training, Youth leaders share what they learn through workshops, demonstrations, “one-on-ones”, and community focused activities as:

  • RHI Peer Health Educators
  • Peer Counselors
  • Youth Organizers
  • Teen Chefs
  • Youth Researchers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Photojournalists

They share what they learn bringing their knowledge to an additional 650 youth each year.

All enrolled Youth Leaders receive the following: social work screening, behavioral health screening, academic screening, college readiness programming, career exposure programming, resume preparation and referrals for employment/ internships, and social justice activities.

2017 Impact
  • 100% of high school seniors graduated (70%) or remain on track to graduate high school in the next nine months (30%)
  • 91% of high school seniors who expressed interest in college gained admission or persisted toward being college-bound.
  • 96% of Youth Leaders felt like they gained access to resources to secure future employment

“This is my other family because they teach me right from wrong and I feel safe and comfortable here.”
– High School Youth Leader

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