Senior Management

Barrie Koegel, Chief Operating Officer
Catherine McBride, Director of Community Building

Ericka Medina, Director of Adolescent Programs
Jill Eisenhard, Founder & Executive Director
Jen Sainsbury, Chief Program Officer
Naiyma Holmes, Director of Operations
Vanessa Nisperos, Director of Professional Development

Middle School

Malcolm West, Middle School Program Manager 
Deanna Cherry, Youth Worker
Jazmin Nazario, STEM Academic Advisor
Divina Temple, Academic Advisor
Monia Pringle, Youth Worker
Javon Webb, Youth Worker

High School

Natisha Romain, High School Program Manager
Sheryl Nash-Chisholm, Youth Jobs Developer
Tarik Bell, Education Manager
Dominique Bible, Senior Academic Advisor
Juan Tejada, College Access Specialist
Emily Collado, Social Worker
Kimberly Canady, Reproductive Health Educator

Gina George, Social Worker

Young Adult

Michael Lopez, Young Adult Program Manager
Carlos Viveros, Programs & Database Associate
Marissa Cappel, Clinical Case Worker
Keshia Cameron, College Retention Specialist
Justine González- Belay, Employment Specialist
Jaebi Bussey, Technology Design Learning Specialist
Alden Parkinson, Digital Stewards Program Associate

Community Building

Shaquana Cooke, Outreach Worker
Kiyana Slade, Community Organizer
Dabriah Alston, Red Hook WIFI Project Manager
Tevina Willis, Red Hook WIFI Communications Associate


Sherri Harden, Office Manager
Aquilino Zuniga, Finance Manager
Michel’le Thomas, Community Relations Associate

Tyteana Griem, Evening Receptionist
Davonne Walker, IT Associate


Philippa Crowne, Development Manager
Suarez, Development and Volunteer Associate

RHI Fellows

GENERATION TWO, Coming Fall 2018!!